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Silver Linings, by Jae Malone Queen of Diamonds by Jae Malone Fool's Gold by Jae Malone

During the writing of ‘Silver Linings’, I had originally thought it would be a stand-alone book but my characters thought otherwise. They were not prepared to let things end there and soon after completing that first book, Sam, Jenny, Charlie and my elven friends began nagging at me to get fingers back to keyboard and tell the next part of the tale. And, they weren’t satisfied with stopping at the second volume ‘Queen of Diamonds’. Still they wanted more…and they got it when ‘Fool’s Gold’ was created and completed what I had come to believe would stay as a trilogy.

Avaroc Returns, book cover

After a considerable wait while I was too busy with event organising and various other commitments, ‘Avaroc’s Return’ is now available. All books in ‘The Winterne Series’ can be ordered online from Amazon or book stores.


Lorna And The Loch Ness Monster
Lorna And The Loch Ness Monster
The Raven And The Thief
The Raven And The Thief

‘Lorna and the Loch Ness Monster’ and ‘The Raven and the Thief’ are the first two books in a series for younger children who love to read. They are not picture books, although there are a few images for interest. The books are intended to give more text to read than a picture book would usually offer. Further books in this series will be aimed at gentle awareness of current issues regarding wildlife, particularly in connection with culling and litter pollution. At present, two of these books, ‘Blue Teaches a Lesson’ featuring Blue, a badger with three playful cubs, and ‘Mrs Pringles Needs a Nurse’, which explains that just because bread and milk were always fed to hedgehogs in the past, it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to feed them.


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Jae Malone
Jae Malone, author

I love writing and I thoroughly enjoy being involved in the village and surrounding area of the Mendip Hills in Somerset. The characters in my stories are very close to my heart. They are a blend of people I have known and imagination. Having lived in Somerset and Dorset, the West Country has always been a very special, magical place making it easy to believe in elves and legendary characters.

I hope you will find affection for the wonderful people who populate my stories and, if you have never visited the area, I hope you will find a time to go and explore this wonderful part of Britain and enjoy the scenery, the history and the people of the area.

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