Avaroc Returns

book cover: Avaroc Returns, 4th in the Winterne Series by Jae Malone

The fourth volume in The Winterne Series
coming Spring 2018…

From where ‘Fool’s Gold ended, we have moved on ten years. Sam Johnson is now thirty years old, is married to Jenny and they have a one year old baby daughter, Bethany. Jonah is now a Medical Registrar at Wells General Hospital and Jason married Sue and they took over the running of the village store and Post Office when her parents retired and moved to France.

Charlie and Kathy are still doing very well although Kathy’s hands are now arthritic. This prevents her from spending as much time at the potter’s wheel as she used to so she teaches instead. Charlie still works in the woodland and continues to split his time between family, work, friends and his other life under the Mendip Hills with Queen Ellien and the Winterne Elves. Morgan Landers is now fifteen, doing very well with her school work and preparing for her ‘O’ Grades at St Merriott’s Secondary School but her life outside school is what makes her happy. She still has her intelligent and charismatic British Blue cat, Bandit, and he helps her with her Tarot readings and her magical studies.

So now, finally, we come to volume four. This time there are even darker deeds for Charlie and his underground friends. Queen Ellien’s uncle, Avaroc, has taken his time, made his plans and is now creating suspicion and malevolence amongst the Eleven world. From the very beginning there is death and deceit, dishonesty and treachery as Avaroc attempts to take the crown from his niece. But one person, someone he has been aware of for a while, is more than a match for him, especially when she joins forces with her cousin, Morgan. The problem is that Jericha is not aware of her powers and needs to be convinced of her strength.

Reviews of Jae Malone’s writing:

‘Jae Malone is a fine storyteller who understands teenagers and seems effortlessly to combine the natural and supernatural worlds’ Nottinghamshire Today

Jae has a fluid and easily accessible writing style, while the stories feature richly layered plots where high fantasy, school-year tribulations and dark nefarious deeds interweave. In short it has a broad appeal. Steve Bowkett – ‘Writer, storyteller, educational consultant, Member of the Society of Authors and National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE)


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