Queen Of Diamonds

Queen of Diamonds by Jae Malone

Sam Johnson is happy in Winterne until someone’s criminal plan puts the Atkins family in danger.  There’s a ghost who walks through walls and strangers are seen in the wood.   This time Jonah, and Charlie’s extraordinary friends, need Sam’s help to catch a killer.

Farrow’d sell ‘is own granny for a fiver in them days an’ I can’t imagine ‘e’s improved any since.  If you’ve got dealin’s wiv ‘im, then watch out fer yerself Mrs Atkins.  Get shot of ‘im, sharpish.’

The second book in The Winterne Series, this tale moves on to Easter and finds Sam involved in stopping a murderer getting away with a valuable diamond.  Again he needs the help of his new very ‘special’ friends in a dangerous venture where dead people live again and someone’s walking through walls.

Shown below is one of the main characters

Armistice Jenks
Armistice Jenks

Reviews for Queen of Diamonds

‘Jae gets better with every book she writes and could easily give J K Rowling a good run for her money.’
Newark Advertiser

‘A loving and wholesome read’.
Jeremy Lewis.  Nottingham Post

‘Jae Malone’s imagination is on the same wave length as the great legendary J R R Tolkien. She writes with great vividness, intensity and sophistication.’

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