Silver Linings

Silver Linings, by Jae Malone

is the first volume of ‘The Winterne Series‘ and tells the story of Sam Johnson who, due to an accident thousands of miles away, finds his life taking a very different path from the one he was used to.  Having to leave his Nottingham home and move to the Somerset countryside is bad enough but then he has to contend with bullies, crooks, settling into a new school and the discovery that characters from childhood fantasy really do exist.

Christmas is approaching and for fourteen year old Sam, it promises to be the best ever.  The prettiest girl in school agrees to go to the Christmas Ball with him and his father is coming home from South Africa.  But it all goes awry when Fate steps in and turns his world upside down.  Spending Christmas with little know relatives in the heart of Somerset is not exactly his idea of a good time.  Phantom lights in the nearby forest and his new uncle’s secretive moonlit walks are mysterious enough but, when he hears what sounds like a wolf howling in the night…

This first volume of The Winterne Series tells the story of fourteen year old Sam Johnson, who through an accident thousands of miles away finds his life turned upside down.

This is a Christmas story for children of all ages who enjoy fantasy adventures.

Reviews for Silver Linings:

‘An intriguing read.  This book would work well on the big screen.’
Allan Clifford – BBC Radio

‘Trilogy’s stirring start.’
Newark Advertiser

‘An imaginative adventure with a dark streak.’
Jeremy Lewis.  Nottingham Post

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-91026-685-4
£7.99 Recommended Retail Price
Kindle:  ASIN: B00P033FDG
£2.58 Recommended Retail Price

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